Summer Steelhead and Fall Salmon

The summer is almost over and with that we are continuing with phase 1 of our Summer Steelhead run and the start of Chinook and Coho fishing. Some great fishing this past month and we had started to see some Coho and Chinook in the past week so some exciting days are ahead. This year will see some bigger fish coming in as this cycle has the bulk being 4 and 5 year old Chinook. The Coho are always exciting when catching them in shallow water as their explosiveness is breathtaking when you hook one. We have a few days left as well as afternoons, and I would suggest after September 15th as this is the opening for the use of bait if a later start in the day works better for you. Salmon fishing goes till the mid point of October and then phase 2 of our Summer Steelhead kicks in as they sit around and feed on single eggs tumbling on the bottom as Chinooks enter into their spawning cycle. Probably the best time of year for Steelhead on the Stamp River. If you are thinking of a great fishing trip, call to find out availability today. Some great days ahead. Here is one that got caught on our trip today!
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