Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

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Old man Winter didn’t take this season off and that is great news for pursuing the winter run steelhead.  Stamp River fishing has been nothing short of amazing these past few weeks and gets better every day. The river has come into fine form with water levels and colour being perfect for winter steelhead. These fine specimens were caught this morning in the lower part of the river. If you look closely you can see that there are sea lice on these fish… that’s how fresh they are! We have some excellent upcoming fishing dates ahead, both on the weekend and during the week.  Give us a call to inquire about available dates or to book an amazing fishing adventure. Call Nick at 1-250-720-5449 today.





Fall Steelhead starting on October 15th.

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As the salmon season is tapering off, we will get a few more days in for coho and the fall steelhead will start to take focus. Steelhead will really get on the bite as the chinooks and coho start to spawn. The fall is one of the only times throughout the year when steelhead actively feed with an abundance of salmon eggs washing through the gravel. There is typically a good mix of steelhead, cutthroat trout, and coho to catch from mid October till the end of November where we will start to see our first winter runs entering the Stamp River. There is limited availability so if you haven’t booked your trip, give us a call. 1-250-720-5449. Looking forward to fish with you, Nick.

Fishing Report – September 19th 2014

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Fall Salmon 2014.

This is what are guests have been up to! Some great days already happening on the water with some nice catches of Chinook and Coho. The water is very low and clear but the fish are still making their way in the river. DFO have just updated the run size to 40 000 chinook this year and only a couple thousand have entered so far. The next month should see some intense action.
Coho and Chinook season will continue till the late fall till we turn our focus on to steelhead. Bait casting is the method of choice using wool and other various lures to attract them in to biting. Lower river and upper river are seeing good numbers of fish already so the migration is getting into full swing.

We have some availability so if you haven’t booked your trip yet, give us a call. 1-250-720-5449. Looking forward to fish with you. Nick


Fishing Report – More Winter Steelhead

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March is here and the Winter Steelhead season continues. Good fishing has been going on in all conditions from low water to high water. Nice hatchery fish as well as some wild fish around this year with our biggest fish being an 18lb hatchery and wild slightly smaller around 17lbs.  The Stamp tends to see a couple dandy fish every year. We have days available and there is still time to get a day on the water before licenses expire at the end of the month. We do fish all through April and the first part of May. Quality jet boat and drift trips with West Coast River Charters on the world famous Stamp River. Give us a call today and come fish with over 2 decades of experience.
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Fall Steelhead Fishing with West Coast River Charters

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Great salmon fishing this fall and with  some time to go, we are starting to think about steelhead. Early numbers through Stamp Falls fishway indicate some awesome days ahead. October – November can see some of the best steelhead action of the year so you won’t want to miss out on great fishing. With 23 years on local rivers, we let that lead the way to unforgettable fishing trips. Some space is still available for the end of October and a few spots in November so give us a call today to book your next fishing trip with West Coast River Charters. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Nick.

Fall Fishing is just around the corner!

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Only a few days before the fall starts up for some tremendous Coho fishing.  Numbers are looking very good with DFO stating that survival is above average for the coming season so some great days are on the way.  We have some limited availability and you won’t want to miss out. Retention is 2 per day and opens on August 25 and we fish well in to October and then switch our focus to steelhead. For updated pictures from our trips, check us out on Facebook and give us a “like”

West Coast River Charters is entering its 23rd year in operation. Come spend a day with Vancouver Islands Premier River Guiding Company. Quality trips with top guides. Looking forward to see you on the water.
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Fishing Report -Winter Steelhead just beginning

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The start of “Winter Steelheading” will be underway in the next month. We are currently fishing for nice “Summer Runs” and will be looking forward to the next part of our fishery. The Winter season last year was one of the best in a few years and judging by the steelhead we are fishing now, it should be a good indication for what is in store over the next few months. In our 22nd year guiding we pride ourselves in hard work and producing some great fishing trips. A nice day on the water over the winter is a great way to spend a day. The boats are equipped with heaters to take the edge off on some of the colder days and it is recommended to dress appropriately for the winter conditions. Steelhead are great fighting fish displaying speed and acrobatics when hooked and a lot of fun to catch. Call to find out availability and to find out more info as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have on what a day on the water entails.

Looking forward to fish with you.

Nick Hnennyj, Owner/operator West Coast River Charters.

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Summer Steelhead and Fall Salmon

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The summer is almost over and with that we are continuing with phase 1 of our Summer Steelhead run and the start of Chinook and Coho fishing. Some great fishing this past month and we had started to see some Coho and Chinook in the past week so some exciting days are ahead. This year will see some bigger fish coming in as this cycle has the bulk being 4 and 5 year old Chinook. The Coho are always exciting when catching them in shallow water as their explosiveness is breathtaking when you hook one. We have a few days left as well as afternoons, and I would suggest after September 15th as this is the opening for the use of bait if a later start in the day works better for you. Salmon fishing goes till the mid point of October and then phase 2 of our Summer Steelhead kicks in as they sit around and feed on single eggs tumbling on the bottom as Chinooks enter into their spawning cycle. Probably the best time of year for Steelhead on the Stamp River. If you are thinking of a great fishing trip, call to find out availability today. Some great days ahead. Here is one that got caught on our trip today!
Nick Hnennyj
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Summer Salmon and Steelhead 2012 Preview

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Summer and Fall fishing is coming up for Salmon and Steelhead. Looks to be a good year according to DFO reports. After one of our better seasons last year we are hoping that it will rival our previous season. Some good dates available so you won’t want to miss out. If Salmon is your interest or Steelhead, we offer professionally guided trips. 22 years experience guiding and running local rivers, our trips go unmatched and our goal is to cater to you and make sure your trip is one that you won’t forget. Our fleet of boats is ready to go and while aboard our jet boats you will find the roomy comfortable  space on them easy to move around in. We also do float trips and can cover a different stretch of river.  Give us a call today to plan your trip and find out a bit more about us. At West Coast River Charters you get quality experience and production while relaxing on a day off!
Give me a call and let me know what you think.Nick Hnennyj

Angling BC – A Guided Steelhead Trip on the River

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I manage to hit the river regularly during the winter months to enjoy the wonderful steelhead fishery we are blessed to have here on the Island.. My son who loves fishing as much as me, unfortunately due to hockey commitments, doesn’t have the time to spend on the river during the winter months as I do. One of the traditions we have started together is to have a guided trip on the Stamp River every Christmas break. This is a great way for us to get out together, spend a day on the river, and experience Steelhead fishing with a very knowledgeable guide. Nick Hnennyj of West Coast River Charters has been our guide of choice and he has always manage to provide both of us a tremendous Steelhead fishing experience . The ability to spend a day on the river with a guide has many advantages. The knowledge that a guide can provide is invaluable. Experience is an important item when hiring a guide. Ask questions and get a feel for who you are talking to, as first impressions are very important. A Guide has all the tips and tricks anyone could ever ask for. I have learned a lot from the times we have spent on the river with Nick. My son who rarely gets to enjoy the fishery has also had his best Steelhead days fishing on these guided trips.

Our most recent trip this past winter was no exception. Two days before our scheduled trip, I received a phone call from Nick and he expressed his concern over the lower water levels and passed by me a few options in attempt to ensure our day was one we would never forget. We decided, on the advice from him, to fish the lower half of the river and to split into two boats as the water levels were extremely low for this time of year. We arrived early in the morning and enjoyed a hot coffee together before we headed off to the river. My Buddy took off with one of Nicks other guides and Myself and my son went with Nick. Nicks boat was neat and tidy and fully loaded with gear ready to go. Although we use our own rods Nick had plenty of top quality rods and gear ready to use in case ours gave us any problems. Once on the boat he took us to the first spot. He went over the water conditions with us and instructed my son on what his leader length should be, what bait to use, and how he should best drift his gear in these low water conditions. Nick ensured that he kept a steady retrieve as to not get caught on bottom and pointed out a shallow ripple where he felt a fish would hold in. My son, being a relative beginner steelheader used Nicks advice to perfection and after only a few casts into a shallow fast moving ripple, was into his first steelhead of the day. After a 5 minute battle, he had a nice 7 pound steelhead in the boat. My attempts at first were not as productive but Nick quickly pointed out the me that my leader length was probably a little too long for these conditions and to shorten up. That was the tonic, as two casts later I was into a nice Steelhead myself. Although it was a battle I quickly lost, shortening up my leader length definitely increased my odds of a strike. We moved slightly further up river where my son was into his second fish. Again Nick instructed him as to where the fish should be holding and to ensure he cast well above the ripple so his gear would properly drift through that area. He had a great battle on his hands and he soon had number 2 in the boat, a beautiful 8 pound chromer. With the water levels so low, it really limited the spots that would hold fish. Nick provided us with some great tips on how to fish these low water conditions and pointed out exactly where Steelhead hold up.

After a productive morning we stopped on the bank and had some lunch. We spent the break discussing steelhead fishing strategies and looked back at the trip we had the previous year when the water levels were very high and how our strategies that day were much different than todays. The afternoon continued to be productive and what we thought could be a slow day was anything but. Nick continued to provide little tips throughout the day, explaining why things are done certain ways that definately help us better understand how Steelhead act in these conditions. At the end of the day both myself and my son were into 6 Steelhead. It was a day we both won’t soon forget. Can’t wait till next year.

Whether you spend the day walking the banks of the river or having a guided trip as we experienced this past winter, enjoy BC’s fabulous Steelhead fishery and conserve our waters. It will provide memories for a lifetime.

by BoB Waldhaus