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Fishing Report – August 9, 2011

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Summer steelhead are in the river and recent trips have brought a few to the boat. Nice hatcheries and wild fish are coming in with Sockeye and some early Chinook and Coho. The river will be in full swing by month’s end as retention for Salmon typically begins on the 25th. This year’s runs of Chinook and Coho look to be giving up some great fishing. A few dates are still open into October and the season will be here before you know it. You won’t want to miss out on some great fishing. Call to book your trip today!

Looking forward to fish with you!

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Somass River Sockeye Fishing – Port Alberni BC, June 26, 2011

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This past weekend saw some large schools of Sockeye Salmon making their way through the tidal waters of the Somass river.  The river level has come down quite a bit over the last few days making for ideal conditions.  With the warming weather we have been seeing more of lately, it made fishing the river a real treat.  Lots of fish were caught over the weekend and the fishing just keeps getting better.  It is quite possible that this years Sockeye return could be close to 1 million fish, up from the 600,000 it was estimated to be.


There are still prime fishing dates available so make sure you get in touch with us to secure your trip.


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Somass River Sockeye Fishing – Port Alberni BC, June 23, 2011

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A great couple days while fishing the Somass and Stamp Rivers with lots of Sockeye and some Summer Steelhead trickling in. We are starting to see the river showing fish  most of the day with some great tides to influence a good migration cycle.  Check back for more updates as we will be out almost daily.  The fall fishery is heavily booked but dates are still available for Chinook, Coho, Steelhead and the season looks very promising all through the Summer into November.  Call today to book your trip! or 1-250-723-0136 or 1-250-720-5449



Stamp River Fishing Update – Port Alberni BC, June 16, 2011

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Sockeye in the river. Getting ready for trips to get going. Had a pretty decent morning getting into a few. Good schools coming by with the bulk coming in as we were having to leave. Sorry, I forgot the camera.

Fishing Report for June 8, 2011

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June in Port Alberni BC will see the first big schools of Sockeye salmon entering the Stamp/Somass/Sproat system. Great quality fish and great for a summertime barbecue. As the month rolls on, the Summer Steelhead run mixes in as they make their way to the upper Stamp River. We offer combo trips for an early start in the tidal portion of the Somass river for Sockeye and then off to the non-tidal portion of the Somass and Stamp rivers for Steelhead. These combo trips are only available while the Sockeye fishery is open. August will see primarily Steelhead fishing and it will overlap the first Coho and Chinook salmon that enter the lower Somass river. The start date is August 25th for retention of Chinook and Coho and will officially start our fall fishery. Great dates are still available and the runs look strong for this season. You won’t want to miss out on some great action. Call today to plan your trip! Opportunity goes all year with the fall fishery for Summer Steelhead, Chinook, and Coho going till the end of November. At this time it is Winter Steelhead season.

Check back often for more updates. or by phone. 1-250-723-0136 or 1-250-720-5449.

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Fishing Report For May 22nd 2011

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Coho, Spring, Steelhead, Sockeye, Guided Fishing, Port Alberni, Stamp River

Coho, Salmon, Spring, Sockeye, Chinook, Guided Fishing, Charter

Coho, Chinook, Sockeye, Steelhead, Guided Fishing, Port Alberni

Coho, Spring, Chinook, Tyee, Steelhead, Guided Fishing, Port Alberni

Fishing continues on the Stamp River for late steelhead,rainbow and cutthroat as we await for Sockeye fishing to get going. Summer steelhead will be showing up in the next few weeks and by mid July we will see them in good numbers.

Don’t forget about the fall fishing for Chinook and Coho that are going to be mixed in with the summer runs and as far as catch ability this is almost the best time of year to angle on the Stamp. The schedule for the fall is already very busy and will be here before we know it. You won’t want to miss out as the Coho and Chinook will be great for river fishing this season. Call for availability today! 1-250-723-0136–1-250-720-5449 or e-mail

Fishing Report for January 28, 2010.

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The water levels have dropped considerably over the past week and has made for some great fishing. We have been still getting fish with sea lice on them so very fresh fish are still coming in.

Both the lower and upper river have been producing as some of the fish have been moving through the falls. All in all the season is living up to the expectations the Stamp River has to offer. Bait is the ticket as usual as the fish in the lower river seem to be taking roe and roe bags. The upper river is fished with jigs, plugs, worms, and goey bobs.

The trips offered fish right through into May with some of the best fishing into March. Give us a call or e-mail to plan your next fishing trip. We can be reached at 1-250-723-0136 or 1-250-720-5449. Nick Hnennyj owner/operator West Coast River Charters.

Fishing Report for January 8, 2010.

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Happy New Year.

All the best for 2010. Good luck with all your fishing trips for the new year.

The Stamp is definitely in full swing now with fresh winter runs throughout the system. With only a couple slower days the season has lived up to all expectations that the Stamp River is famous for.

Steelhead fishing comes down to lots of hard work and putting your time in each and everyday. If there is tip for any fisherman I can give it is pay attentions to details and at the end of the day the little things make a big difference in your success while angling.

The river is in prime shape and is perfect for boat and shore access. Lots of fish have been hanging around the falls pool down to the farm run. These chrome beauties are active on the bite and give a good pull off the reels. Roe and roe bags are the old standby and haven’t let us down with good action daily. If you are thinking of doing a trip in the boat, give us a call. We will start to do some fishing in the upper river as the fish make their way through the falls. We can be reached by e-mail or phone. or 1-250-720-5449 or 1-250-723-0136. Tight lines. Nick Hnennyj Owner/operator- West Coast River Charters.

Fishing Report for December 10,2009.

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Winter Steelhead 2009-2010!

Fish are coming in the lower section of the river and have been for the past week or two. Fresh from the ocean and are chrome beauties. The last 5 days have seen more fish each day and looks like it will be the start of another good season.

The fish are taking eggs, roe bags, and other small imitations of roe. With the cold temperatures the fish are still grabbing the hooks so the fishermen are probably feeling the conditions more than the fish. We are taking trips out pretty much daily with a bit of room for the month. For those that are waiting for good fishing conditions, now is a great way to spend a day away from the daily routine. Come spend a day on the Stamp! Enjoy some breathtaking scenery and the comforts of an 18 foot jet boat powered by a new 140 Suzuki.

December is here and what a great gift to give someone heading out Steelhead fishing for the day. Call for details and availability. This month generally sees the crowds not too heavy yet so that is a nice touch to fishing. Don’t hesitate to call or email. All the best in the new year and thanks to everyone who have supported us through the past year. We can be reached at 1-250-720-5449 (cell) or 1-250-723-0136. Tight lines! Nick Hnennyj.

Fishing Report for November 19 2009.

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Well with November starting on the down slope, I could not make a cast till December and still say what an incredible start to the Steelhead season. If we get half as many tomorrow as we did today it would truly be great fishing.

Just want to say thanks to everyone that fished with us during the salmon season and for the steelhead fishermen who have and are planning trips in the near future.

The rains are here and the fishing is excellent. The summer runs are going strong with another strong return put out by the hardworkers at Robertson Creek Hatchery. Winter Steelhead is just around the corner and as the water subsides it should see some fresh fish enter the Stamp River. Trips are going out daily rain or shine. The water is high and with the Coho now starting to spawn it keeps these eager steelhead around. Simple, find the salmon and the steelies won’t be far. Fishing with anything that resembles a salmon egg and you should have some good success. We are booking trips for the upcoming season so don’t hesitate to give us a call. With the Christmas season coming, what better gift than to spend out on the river? Our contact info is as follows. (e-mail) (web site) (phone) 1-250-723-0136 (cell) 1-250-720-5449 Looking forward to fishing with you. Nick Hnennyj owner/operator West Coast River Charters.