The Rivers

Why Fish Here?

World class fishing ,year round, is the answer. The  Stamp, Sproat and Somass Rivers are known worldwide for their breath-taking beauty and incredible Steelhead and Salmon fishing.

The lower pools and runs are less than 3 miles from the tidal boundary and fresh salmon make this area some of the most exciting.  Coho, Sockeye and Chinook salmon are just a few species that make these waters a fisherman’s dream.

 The Somass River is Vancouver Island’s second largest river system, second only to the Campbell River. The Somass River is fed by the Ash, Stamp, and Sproat river systems while  Great Central and Sproat Lakes help feed these river systems.  The Somass River begins at the confluence of the Sproat and Stamp Rivers and runs South East into the Alberni Inlet.  The Somass  River is host to excellent Summer and Winter run Steelhead.  
The Stamp River originates with Great Central lake and joins the Sproat River to form the Somass.  The Stamp River is also home to the Roberston Creek Fish Hatchery who’s hatchery programs are credited with the incredible fishing success we enjoy.  The Stamp also boast some of the cleanest and clearest waters in the province and allows anglers of all abilities to sight fish for prized Steelhead and Salmon.
 The Sproat River originates with Sproat Lake and joins the Somass River to form the Somass.  The Sproat River is much shorter in comparison the the Stamp River, however it still boasts a number of fishable runs and pools. The Sproat River is also a favourite for locals and visitors alike for a variety of recreational uses.
From its source in the remote mountains of central Vancouver Island, the Nitinat River flows through Nitinat Lake and the Pacific Rim National Park (West Coast Trail Unit) before discharging into the Pacific Ocean east of Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island.